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Over the years I’ve been doing plenty of camera and lens reviews on this blog; granted it is mostly Fujfilm gear as this is what I’m using every day, but there have been some software and camera accessories as well.
Typically I only review items which I’m actually using. When people send me gear to test and review, I have a policy to only write about the item(s) if I either use it already or if I could see me doing so in the near future. If it doesn’t qualify for the above, I tend not to blog about it, but will provide the company with feedback.
A while ago I ordered a few lens hoods from a small company called, AF Shoot, an online store based in Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve been using their lens hoods and camera straps for a while now and have always been impressed with their customer service. I guess that is exactly why I returned and bought a new lens hood for my XF16mm lens!
Lets first have a quick look what kind of company AF Shoot is? The company name has nothing to do with Autofocus (AF), but comes from the owner initials; “Angelo Fernandes”; a Portuguese Wedding/Street photographer who like myself is an avid Fujifilm user. I like one man companies that were formed out of the need for items that are hard to find! Such is definitively the case for AF Shoot.
While he does sell other items, the two main categories in the AF Shoot online shop consists of Lens Hoods and Camera Straps. Lets have a look at the items I’ve been using over the last few weeks…
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  • This was not only a great workshop but also a lot of fun working the streets of Lisbon with Angelo. He’s not just a great creative/artistic photographer with deep experience but also a master of the craft of street photography. His one hour intro was a guide and review about camera basics but reinforced for the workshop ahead with pointers on how to hold the camera and resetting shutter speed etc as you move from sun to shade to open areas to narrow streets. Angelo pulls up demonstrative photos from his laptop to emphasize some of the points. Then he leads you into the street and you see the master at work! He makes it all look easy an inspires you to “I can do that” level of confidence and forget inhibitions. I enjoyed the whole session which is worth every penny. The debrief and review of the work at the end was very illuminating. Apart from being a great photographer Angelo is also a wonderful ambassador of his city.

    Alex Attard

    12th March 2019

  • I’ve been to a number of photo workshops. I have to say that the hours my wife and I spent with Angelo were the most valuable by far. We employed the techniques we learned from him during the rest of our trip and captured images we were truly excited about. We were uncomfortable with street photography but now it is one of our favorite pursuits. Plus, he is very patient and helpful, and we also had a lot of fun.
    Great guy—great workshop. Highly recommended!


    13th May 2019

  • This is a superb workshop for anyone who wants new inspiration or needs a few tricks to get started Angelo is a considerate, unpretentious photographer who will give you a (gentle) push and guide you towards much better pictures. AND he is a great guy to hang out with for four hours. Highly recommended!

    Peter Krogh Andersen

    5th January 2020

  • It was my first exposure to street photography and Angelo masters this discipline. It really gives a new dimension to my work. Will never look through my lens the same way again. Really enjoyed it. Worth every penny.

    Thibault Van Stratum

    12th February 2020

  • It was a pleasure to take part in the workshop with Angelo. It started off with a small introduction into photography basics.
    He was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease instantly. During the workshop Angelo took me on a guided tour of Lisbon, showing me various spots that he would often use to capture candid photos. He was very generous with his advice and would gladly answer any questions that I asked. Halfway through we stopped for a light lunch and a much needed refreshment break, before continuing on with the tour. We ended the workshop, with Angelo reviewing and editing my photos. I wanted to come away with a better understanding of street photography, so that I could become a better photographer and I feel that it was accomplished. I will definitely be taking Angelo’s advice on board to help improve my photography in the future.


    (verified owner) 13th September 2021



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