Lifetime Guarantee

MUFLON straps  is the only camera straps brand that offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event that your strap needs to be repaired, we are here for you.

Our Lifetime guarantee means if your strap is ever damaged, we will repair it free of charge, no proof of purchase needed, no questions asked.

Discover what our Lifetime Guarantee covers:

Our warranty covers the repair of all functional aspects of your camera strap  for the life of your strap.

Our warranty does not cover cosmetic wear or cleaning.

Due to the nature of certain types of repairs and normal wear and tear, it is not always possible to return your strap  to its original condition.

Due to discontinuation of a particular leather color identical replacement parts may not be available.

MUFLON straps will repair or replace a damaged parts with the closest matching part or component in the closest matching color.

You are responsible for the cost of shipping your strap  to us, however, we will return the favor and ship your strap  back to you free of charge.